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UAB "VJ Projektai"

 Naujoji St. 4, Mažeikiai,

 Tel./fax: 8443 68281


About us

UAB "VJ projektai" is a team of qualified, experienced specialists organising management and supervision of construction, reconstruction and repair projects.

UAB "VJ projektai" successfully develops its activities by implementing construction projects of special constructions, their management, providing technical supervision and other construction management related services.


UAB "VJ projektai" aim is to offer mature solutions for their clients and to implement them in high quality by employing financial and time resources effectively.

Service of the construction technical supervision of special constructions of all groups;
Service of the construction manager of special constructions of all groups;
Service of technical supervision of built constructions. Including formation of technical (technical-energy) data sheet of a building.
Service of certification of energy efficiency of existing constructions.

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